Goals for the Truly Insane

I want to expand on the last piece I wrote on courage and goals, and talk about some of the traps that endurance racing can set for athletes looking to push their limits. That piece makes the case that aggressive goals are important because they force your ego to adapt, »

On Courage and Goals

This post is about courage and failure, and how to think about success or failure when the objective is difficult. Aaron Steele's 2014 Leadville 100 race report is one of the more honest and inspiring race reports I've read. Leadville is a brutal, high altitude 100 mile running race in »

Leadville Trail 100

This past weekend I ticked off one of my athletic life goals; the Leadville Trail 100, a brutal 100 mile running race in Colorado. I signed up for Leadville this May after a team injury forced our boat out of the 2013 Texas Water Safari, a 262 mile canoe race »

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