Seth Godin and Clear Thinking

Tim Ferriss's interview of Seth Godin was stunning. It made me feel the way I did at my first TED conference, at 16 in Monterey - "Why didn't anyone tell me that it was okay to think this way?" Seth thinks about the world, his mission and his »

2015 Miwok 100k Race Report

It's over! My first 100k is in the bag. I finished the 2015 Miwok 100k in 10 hrs and 12 minutes, good enough for 9th overall and 2nd place in my age group to a 23 year old crusher who took the overall win. The pace was much faster than »

Cascalog + Hadoop Counters, Finally!

I've just merged a Cascalog pull request of mine that gives Cascalog operations access to the statistics that Cascading generates at the end of each job. I've also added global inc! and inc-by! functions that let you increment custom Hadoop counters from within your functions and operations without having to »

Wyoming Rando Roundup, Pt 2

This is my race report from the 2015 Jackson Hole skimo race, the second of two ski mountaineering races I completed this weekend. (Here's my report from yesterday's race at Grand Targhee.) Jackson was going to be bigger and badder than Targhee, no question. I knew that I'd be hucking »

Wyoming Rando Roundup, Pt 1

Wow, I haven't gotten crushed that hard in a race in a long time. Just fully WHIPPED! Jenna and I drove out to Jackson yesterday for the "Wyoming Rando Roundup", my first real weekend of racing since I signed up for all of these races a few weeks »

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